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Modern Scholars: On Your Best Behavior: The Fundamentals of Etiquette

In "Modern Scholars: On Your Best Behavior: The Fundamentals of Etiquette", Robert A. Shutt reviews the fundamentals of appropriate behavior in everyday life. Everyday etiquette is essentially social etiquette evolved to meet the needs of this century. Robert examines the primary focus of social etiquette and explains how the foundations it is built upon remain relevant today – even as situations and circumstances change. Among the topics discussed is wedding etiquette, which is examined from the proposal, through the engagement and planning process, and concludes with ceremony and reception recommendations.  Another topic discussed in great depth is home entertainment etiquette, with guidelines presented for both host and guest. Diverse topics such as travel, vacation, funeral, theater, movie, and museum etiquette are also discussed. Much of daily life involves interactions with others, so this too is addressed.

One lecture, titled the ABC’s of Personal Etiquette outlines universal foundations of appropriate behavior (appearance, behavior, communications). Another, titled Interactions Etiquette, focuses on specific situations where one might need to interact with parents, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. Such common occurrences like walking down the street and shopping for groceries are also addressed. All told, this volume provides the listener with strong understanding of the fundamentals of success in everyday life.  Manners matter and courtesy counts, it is that simple!

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