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Business Dining Etiquette

When speaking of career success, manners matter and courtesy counts. It's that simple.

Your ability to the follow simple rules of etiquette in business dining situations can advance your career, secure that new job, close a deal, increase your sales, and get you that promotion. It can even improve customer satisfaction with you and your organization.

Business meals occur in a variety of locations: at a restaurant, a formal dinner, a casual buffet, or a cocktail reception. Each has its own set of rules and expected behaviors.

A Business Dining Etiquette presentation reviews what is expected in these settings. Table manner essentials are covered in an entertaining and often amusing manner. Everything is covered, including negotiating the table setting (including flatware, china and glassware), when to sit, how to napkin, when and how to pass, and the art of conversation. Skills are outlined that will help you get noticed for what you do well, not ignored because of what you do poorly.  This session insures that you can Shine While You Dine.

Everyone will benefit from this timely and useful information: college students, recent graduates, young professionals, seasoned veterans, and CEO's.
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