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Meet Robert Shutt

Robert A. Shutt started because he believes manners matter and courtesy counts, especially as regards career success and social advancement. He offers Business Dining Etiquette, Social Dining Etiquette, Professional / Workplace / Office Etiquette, Networking / Reception Etiquette, and Communications Etiquette presentations to clients throughout the United States.

Robert began his public speaking career in 1999, to accommodate requests received after his initial Business Dining Etiquette presentation. He served as an assistant professor, training and development specialist, and university administrator before committing his full attention to in 2005.

In 2010 he began offering Personal Dining Etiquette Consultations to those seeking more discreet instruction.

In 2011 Robert authored Shine While You Dine, an entertaining and concise guide to business dining etiquette. In 2012 he was asked to join the Modern Scholars team of "America's Best Professors" and recorded a series of eight lectures titled Modern Scholars: Fundamentals of Business Etiquette. In 2013 he recorded a second series of lectures title Modern Scholars: On Your Best Behavior: The Fundamentals of Etiquette. Robert's etiquette expertise has been featured on CBS Evening News. He presents through the Northeast, in the Great Lakes region, as well as on a national level.

Robert has a Master's Degree in Education, two Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration, and has completed an additional fifty hours of graduate work in Labor and Human Resources, Business Administration, and Guidance and Counseling. This background and his commitment to professional development help keep his presentation style fresh and the content current.  

Robert would enjoy presenting for you, at your convenience. 

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