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Networking / Reception Etiquette

To many, perhaps too many, professionals, ‘networking’ is something done solely on the computer.  The internet has opened doors of opportunity never before imagined.  Opportunities to meet and interact with millions of ‘people’ who may, or may not, be whom they claim to be.  This phenomenon has reduced the appreciation for Interpersonal Networking: networking without the net. Yet, up to 85% of one’s professional success can be determined by their interpersonal skills.  Skills that can be best displayed when meeting someone in-person, as opposed to on-line.

The Networking/Reception Etiquette program can help.  When attending a networking reception your goal is to create, maintain, strengthen and / or develop professional relationships.  It is not too eat or drink as much as you can, nor is it to distribute and/or collect as many business cards as you can.  Your focus should be on meeting, greeting, and conversing with people who may enhance your career.

The Networking/Reception Etiquette presentation can help.  Participants learn how to recognize interpersonal networking opportunities, how to establish and achieve their goals during the event, and how to “shine thru” in a positive manner by adhering to networking etiquette guidelines.

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