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Modern Scholars: Fundamentals of Business Etiquette

In Modern Scholars: Fundamentals of Business Etiquette, Robert A. Shutt reviews the strategies, guidelines, and appropriate behavior that can help people excel in a variety of professional environments. During the course of these lectures, Robert examines etiquette in situations such as the business dinner and the job interview. He shows how etiquette functions in the workplace and discusses such features as electronic-communications and sales etiquette - all while providing fascinating commentary on the history of etiquette and including examples from Ancient Egypt, Renaissance Italy, and Colonial America.


  • Lecture 1:   The history and origins of etiquette
  • Lecture 2:   The business dinner
  • Lecture 3:   The networking reception
  • Lecture 4:   The job interview
  • Lecture 5:   Workplace etiquette
  • Lecture 6:   Electronic communications etiquette
  • Lecture 7:   Sales etiquette
  • Lecture 8:   Business entertaining etiquette

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