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Social Dining Etiquette

 We dine socially for two primary reasons: the company we keep and/or the cuisine we enjoy. Your ability to the follow simple rules of etiquette in social dining situations ensures the cuisine is fully appreciated while your companions feel wonderfully engaged. This enhances social advancement, because manners matter and courtesy counts.

A Social Dining Etiquette presentation reviews what is expected in these settings. The social hierarchy is reviewed and table manner essentials explained in an entertaining and often amusing manner. Everything is covered, including negotiating the table setting (including flatware, china and glassware), when to sit, where to sit, how to napkin, how to sip soup, and the art of conversation. Skills are outlined that will help you get noticed for the charm and talent you possess, not ignored because of your inappropriate behavior. This session insures that you can Shine While You Dine.

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