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"Robert A. Shutt is an amazing speaker. I was attentive to every word. I have told so many people about him and how great the evening was. So again, I thank him so very much for an event that I will not soon forget. His comedic yet tremendous knowledge of Business Etiquette made for a supreme evening."
Jason V. ~ Entrepreneur, Scranton, PA

"Your way of captivating your audience and involving them in what you say truly inspires me to want to try to even accomplish half the people skills you have. I really appreciate your teaching style; by delving back into the history behind certain mannerisms, it really helped me to understand and remember why certain place settings and habits during a business dinner were formed. I got a lot out of the etiquette dinner by way of your witty stories. Thanks again for giving your time and experiences, and I can assure you that I learned so much from the small two hours we were in the dining room."
Joanne W. ~ Supervisor, Washington, DC

"Robert A. Shutt truly does the little things that change and touch people’s lives. Thank you"
Chris P. ~ Nursing Supervisor, Endicott, NY

"Out of all the workshops I attended today, I found Robert A. Shutt’s to be the most important and interesting one. I don't know where else I would learn these etiquette guidelines. I am grateful that Robert presents dining etiquette with such great knowledge. What he does truly shapes a lot of people for the better and prepares them for the real world with a boost of confidence."
Jia Jun H. ~ Graduate Student of Management, Syracuse, NY

"I thank you for such an incredibly enjoyable, dynamic, and informative presentation! All of our members were thrilled with the program. The evaluation feedback showed that you were 'phenomenal' and 'exceeded their expectations'. Bravo."
Denise A. ~ Chamber of Commerce President, Corning, NY

"Our faculty, staff and students are still talking about the terrific dining etiquette program you brought to our campus. Although we have offered similar programs in the past, this event generated more enthusiasm and positive reviews than any of our other workshops. Your style was engaging and your presentation informative. The audience felt they learned a great deal in this fun, fast-paced seminar and will approach the professional world with more confidence as a result."
Maureen M. ~ Director, Westfield, MA

"Mr., Shutt was fantastic and very engaged with the audience. This is a wonderful program that should be repeated annually."    Hailey B, Undergraduate Student, New Orleans LA

"Mr. Shutt was great. He was wonderful, very knowledgeable and he keep me engaged."
Geoffrey T, Undergraduate Student. Colorado Springs, CO

"Wonderful! Robert is very lively, personable, knowledgeable and interesting. The topic is also very useful. I think businesses should require this class. I will definitely recommend it to other companies."
Emily H, Supervisor, Norwich, NY

"Mr. Shutt's presentation was excellent. It was one of the most interesting and useful presentations we've scheduled."
Sarah H, Accountant / Future Leader, Hartford, CT

"Mr. Shutt was great. He was energetic and very knowledgeable which made it comfortable for us to ask questions."
Kevin H. ~ Director Corporate Professional Development, Springfield, MA

"I really liked Mr. Shutt's attitude towards questions - he integrated them and was never thrown when they seemed outlandish. Great Job. A skill hard to pick up."
Nancy G. ~ Graduate Student, Oberlin, OH

"This was one of the most beneficial programs I have ever attended. The presentation was given with grace and ease, which drew the audience in. The material is extremely useful. I wish I had learned it sooner. Well Done!"
Martin D. ~ Graduate Student, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Robert Shutt's visit was intended for seniors yet his presentation on Business Dining Etiquette was well received by students of all class years. (And staff learned a few things too!) His professional appearance, enthusiasm, and knowledge of everything from how to network while juggling hors d'oeuvres to avoiding troublesome foods, appealed to our audience. We look forward to his return."
Nancy K. ~ Career Services, Aurora, NY

"Awesome! I admit I was a bit skeptical about this topic, but Robert Shutt made it interesting and entertaining. Better yet, he explained why it was so relevant. I feel much more confident about my career with these skills in my professional arsenal."
Justin W. ~ Graduate Student, Ithaca, NY

"I highly recommend Robert Shutt. He is a dynamic speaker. His presentation was informative, interactive, and interesting. Everyone in our group learned something that she will continue to use. After all who couldn't use a few pointers on etiquette?"
Laurie N. ~ Chamber of Commerce Coordinator, Pittston, PA

"Excellent! Very entertaining and informative! I loved the story of the origins of business etiquette. I attend business conferences quite frequently and they involve dinner. I will definitely use what I've learned."
Kristen P. ~ Undergraduate Student, Elizabethtown, PA

"Robert Shutt's presentations are inventive and entertaining, as well as astonishingly effective. His commitment and passion is both evident and inspirational. He helped catapult me to where I am today. I have the greatest admiration for his accomplishments."
Marty C.  ~  Insurance Investigator, Syracuse, NY

"Robert Shutt's presentation is synonymous with excellence."
Kirk G.  ~  Student, Aurora, NY

"Robert Shutt was fabulous, as usual. He does it all with elegance, humor and expertise. He dazzles everyone with his knowledge of all the finer points of meal etiquette and delights them with his sense of style. He teaches us so much at dinner with expertise and sense of humor. Everything was 5 star - all the way."
Roseann M. ~ Recruitment Coordinator, Dunmore, PA