Robert A. Shutt
Etiquette Educator, Author, and Enthusiast.


“Shine While You Dine”

  • Presenter of entertaining and interactive sessions on business dining etiquette, networking, and communications etiquette.
  • Provider of etiquette expertise to enhance career success and interpersonal communications effectiveness.
  • Author of Shine While You Dine, an entertaining and concise guide to business dining etiquette.
  • Author of Modern Scholars: Fundamentals of Business Etiquette, a recorded series of eight lectures addressing a broad range of business etiquette and career success topics.
  • Author of Modern Scholars: On Your Best Behavior: The Fundamentals of Etiquette, a recorded series of eight lectures addressing a variety of everyday etiquette and etiquette origins topics.
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About Robert

Robert A. Shutt has been an Etiquette Educator for more than two decades. His college, university, and corporate clients appreciate his personable and entertaining approach to the topic; typically inviting him back to present on an annual basis.

Robert and his etiquette services were once featured on CBS Evening News. He has earned an “Excellence in Teaching Award” while serving as an adjunct professor at Binghamton University’s Graduate School of Management. 

In 2011 Robert authored Shine While You Dine, a concise yet comprehensive dining etiquette guide. In this book,  the idea that  “manners matter and courtesy counts” when it comes to career success is a consistent refrain. 

A year later Robert was invited to join the Modern Scholars team of “America’s Best Professors”. In 2012 he recorded “Modern Scholars: The Fundamentals of Business Etiquette”, consisting of eight recorded lecture addressing business etiquette and career success. In 2013 he recorded “Modern Scholars: On Your Best Behavior; The Fundamentals of Etiquette”, containing eight additional recorded lectures addressing social etiquette as well as the history and origins of etiquette.

Robert has also served as a Training and Development Specialist in the financial services industry and an Assistant Professor in Hospitality Management. He has over 20 years-experience in hospitality managing or directing a variety of  commercial and educational dining facilities. 

Robert has a Master’s in Education and two Bachelor Degrees in Business. 

Robert A. Shutt - Etiquette Educator
Robert A. Shutt - Shine While You Dine

His Unique Approach

Robert was first asked to do a Business Dining Etiquette presentation by a colleague while serving as a Director of Auxiliary Services. After the event the Assistant Director of Career Services approach him. He shared that he “had attended a similar event while an undergraduate at a major university and left more intimidated by the subject” than he had been when he arrived. “You made it different”, he said. “This was fun, interesting, and interactive. Now I want to embrace the topic, rather than run from it”. This has guided Robert ever since.  His unique approach has now resonated with audiences for more than two decades.

This philosophy, sometimes known as ‘enter-cation’, has carried over into his work in the classroom, as a swim coach, and a parent. The core principle being to entertain while you educate. This approach has helped Robert be a consistent member of the Binghamton University’s Graduate School of Management  “Teachers Honor Roll”, named at the end of each semester.

Robert is genuinely passionate about the topic of etiquette and warmly connects with his audience members. As an audience member once shared on a comment card, “Robert A. Shutt truly does the little things that change and touch peoples lives. Thank you.”


The most requested service provided is the Business Dining Etiquette session. Typically presented during served meal to a client-selected audience. Often this is preceded with Networking session. The audience size ranges from ten to one hundred and sixty participants, sometime more. Robert reviews commonly practiced guidelines, while also exploring how such guidelines evolve as societal mores and expectations change. Participants particularly appreciate his examination of the origins of the actions and activities discussed, stating this enhances their understanding and retention of the topic.

Robert has presented coast-to-coast, literally from New York to Los Angeles, although his primary focus is the Northeast and Great Lakes regions.

Roberts book, Shine While You Dine, is available on-line through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other on-line booksellers. His recorded lectures Modern Scholars: Fundamentals of Business Etiquette and Modern Scholars: On Your Best Behavior: Fundamentals of Etiquette are available through Amazon, Audible, and other on-line retailers.

Shine While You Dine by Robert A. Shutt

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