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The ability to distinguish yourself is a key to success in any professional and social situation.
Robert A. Shutt can help you achieve these goals.

Robert A. ShuttDining Etiquette is the signature service provided by Robert A. Shutt . Dining etiquette includes much more than table manners. Business Dining Etiquette and Social Dining Etiquette sessions prepare you for any dining event, from a casual reception to a formal dinner. During these entertaining and informative presentations you will learn how to Shine While You Dine in any business dining or social dining situation. 

Shine While You Dine, the book, mirrors the focus of these presentations. It is the perfect companion piece to any dining etiquette presentation. Shine While You Dine is also a valuable career success resource for anyone in any profession, at any stage of their career.

Appropriate behavior (etiquette) isn’t reserved for the table alone. Inappropriate behavior is an unwanted distraction, no matter where it occurs. All professional and social environments follow rules of etiquette.

 My Professional/Workplace/Office Etiquette and Networking Etiquette presentations are full of tips that can help polish your professional and/or social image.

Communications is a vital key to success. Robert A. Shutt can help strengthen these skills as well. My Communications Etiquette presentation will help improve your interpersonal, e-mail, phone, and text effectiveness.     

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